diy: no sew thanksgiving banner

Thanksgiving isn't really a holiday I decorate for.  Usually it's hard enough for me to get rid of pumpkins and spiderwebs from Halloween before it's time to pull out the Christmas need to complicate things with a bunch of turkey and pilgrim stuff.

But one little decoration never hurt anyone, so here we are.  A simple, no-sew banner for Thanksgiving.  

You'll need:

about a quarter yard of neutral background fabric
a small bit of felt
tacky glue
straw or dowel
sharp scissors
tassels and trims

Start by cutting out your phrase from the felt.  I printed mine from the computer in size 200 font first for reference.

Ever since I started with the tassel making I've felt the need to TASSEL ALL THE THINGS.

Trim your fabric into a banner shape and glue the ends over to give it a finished edge.  If you're not me and your craft room isn't so messy you can barely see your sewing machine, you could just hem the whole thing.  But my craft room is one phone call away from Hoarders, so I glued.

Glue the felt letters to the banner.

Slide the twine through the straw.  

Place it at the top of the banner and fold the fabric over, making a pocket for it to hang.

Secure the pocket with glue.

Then deck out your banner with plenty of trims and tassels and hang it up.  Happy Thanksgiving!!


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