Easter tradition

This may be a little late to share, but I always enjoying looking back at our egg coloring pictures.

If you'd like, see what we did last year and the year before.

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  1. So pretty! I miss doing this with my kids, they are to old they say! But I will have a grandchild soon so that'll work!

  2. Love the photos, your work has improved over the last three years. I love dying eggs but now that i'm old i will have to wait until i have children of my own.

  3. I found these show-stopping little miracles at WalMart...they look like q-tips filled with colour, and you snap one end and all the colour rushes to one end and the kiddos decorated with them! All for 94 cents per package!
    It was fantastic and easy and enjoyable :)
    I love your colours!


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